Arduino Serial Monitor

I play with Arduino from a long time, I made many little and not so little projects with it. One of these is Domitio an evolving project made to automate my house (or if You like buzz word a “domotic project”).

One of last Arduino version is Arduino Yún, this board is different from previous ones in two main points:

  1. It’s Linux based
  2. Has an embedded WiFI module

These two points are made possible integrating an Atheros AR9331 SoC with an ATmega32u4 and making these communicating each other.

Letting details to official documentation I used this board to automate a pellet strove I own. Many of these stoves are really flaw in electronic control, mine can only be programmed with two time range with a start and a stop time (ie. start 12:00 stop 14:00, start 18:00 stop 22:00). This can be enough for many user but what I want is a more fine control, something like “start at 12:00 if house temperature is under 19 C”, and also control it from my smartphone.

To obtain this result I used the Arduino Yún integrating it with Domitio, a problem I faced making this project was my stove is located in a difficult position and was uncomfortable to carry my notebook for debugging. This is the point where I realized that having an Arduino Serial monitor on my iPhone would haven be a good thing.

So I made “Arduino Serial Monitor” and now is possible to debug a sketch with an iPhone or an iPad, to be precise this is true only for Arduino Yún. Indeed this board can send debug messages on network (WiFi or ethernet) connecting the board to the same network of iPhone with Arduino Serial Monitor make possibile to receive debug messages on it.