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I have often wished a system to send notifications to cell phones without paying for it (ie SMS) or using emails.

Major mobile operating systems include those that are commonly referred to as push notifications and slowly these are getting available also on Desktop system. The use of push notifications is not trivial because every system (or at least the major ones) requires to develop a custom App as receiver of notifications.

Simply put, notifications aren’t like SMS, where knowing the phone number is enough to send a message, no!! You need to develop an App and use a server provided by manufacturers of mobile operating system (ie Apple, Google, Microsoft, …) but this isn’t enough there are also some security requirements like digital certificates and other pagan rituals.

Back to the top what I needed was a simple notification system and looking around I was not able to find one, so I made Pushetta. The opportunity came from the integration of my pellet stove in Domitio, my home automation system. One of objectives was to get notified when pellet level was below a threshold, this information is important because some stoves fails to start,  when refilled, if pellet has been previously completely exhausted (mine is one of these).

Pellet Stove
Pellet Stove

So, Pushetta is a simple system I made to send notifications to mobile phones (and also desktop in future), components are:

Typical use case is:

  • User interested in send notification register on pushetta.com
  • He /She defines a Channel, that is a node where send notification
  • User wants to be notified downloads the App
  • By the App he seeks interested channels and subscribes them
  • Every time a message is “pushed” to a channel subscribers receive it

Back to my stove I made a custom shield for my Arduino Yún to interact with it, this interfaces Arduino with a ultrasonic sensor that measure pellet level and some relays to controls start and stop of the stove.

Stove controller
Stove controller
Ultrasonic sensor
Ultrasonic sensor

So, stove controller continuously measures pellet level and when under a threshold uses Pushetta to send a notification. Sending notification from Arduino it’s really simple, nothing can explain it better than show a trivial example.

Sample sketch
Sample sketch

Example shown in picture is a modified version of the “Button” example found in Arduino IDE, in this version (made for Arduino Yún) when button connected to pin 2 is pressed a push notification is sent. In my stove automation system I use the same code to send notification when pellet level goes too low.

Pushetta isn’t limited to Arduino, it can be used virtually from any system can make an http post with a json payload. I used it also in an experiment with Raspberry Pi where I made a simple face recognition software who sends a push notification if I’m the subject in the camera.

I’m looking for beta tester because Pushetta is a “spare time” project but I would like to transform it in a production level software, look at www.pushetta.com if You can help me.

14 thoughts to “Push notification from Arduino Yún”

  1. I’ve been playing with pushetta a little bit now and I’m very impressed. My hot water system tells me when it’s reached optimum temperature. I use SSH to set my RPI to heat the water and pushetta tells me when it’s done. I’m adding more features and pushetta is the most efficient method ( and simple ) push notifier. I’d love if the RPI could recieve them too and action commands dependant on its content.

    1. Hi Colin,

      thank You for Your feedback.

      I’m working to an extension in order to make it possible notifications can be received also from Raspberry Pi (and Arduino). Keep following Pushetta Facebook page where I’ll put updates on these tasks.

      1. Hi Fabrizio,

        great service! Is there a chance to get the Windows Phone 8 app ported to Windows Phone 7? Is it a lot of effort for you? I’m working on a arduino controlled hot water system and looking for a push service for system warnings like above (pump errors,…).


        1. Hi Andreas,

          I’m trying to port all Apps to a new framework who make is simple to keep aligned software and port it to new platform. I’m really busy in this time so I can’t say how much it’ll keep to me but You’ll be notified when ready.


      2. Great stuff!

        I just tried Pushetta for my raspberry pi and it’s super easy and convenient to set up and use, I’m going to be able to include pushes in my next projects! Thanks a lot.

        Cheeeeers, keep up the good work!

        PS: As a MacOS user, I hope that you’ll include safari push notifications in a later release 🙂

  2. Hi!

    Looks awesome! Specially the sensor for your pellet level. I have also a pelletstove, looking for a way to meassure the level of pellets. Is the sensor werking accurate? Have you Some tips? Isn’t the temperature to high? Have you Some picts? Maybe i want to use your apps. Im werking with domoticz, this is gonna be my first arduino project. (With mysensors).


    1. Hi Floris,

      To be honest I’m trying to change approach because ultrasound sensor isn’t working very well inside pellet tank (because is metallic). Now I’m trying to use a infrared distance sensor and it appears more reliable.
      Inside tank temperature isn’t very high and sensors works well.

      Let me known if You make some try.


      1. Hi,

        Thanks for your reply. Experimented with the sensor, but is terrible, as you know…. :/ hope that your experiences with the infra red will be successfull. Maybe ther will be a perfect solution some day.


        1. Hi, still no luck with different distance meters. even the sharp IR does not work. maybe a laser but i cant find an arduino laser distance meter.

  3. Hi,
    I found pushetta nice and useful. I am working on a washing machine notifier. I have downloaded the app for iOS
    Surprisingly I found that I cannot delete any notifications or channel I have added. Any help on this? Otherwise I found the app excellent and fast. Also where can I get pushetta.h?

    1. Hello Vasant,
      You can’t delete notifications because they expire automatically, even if You doesn’t set an expire date, and when expired they hide from the list.
      Channels can be deleted with a simple swipe right to left on the row You want to remove.
      Let me know if now it’s clear.


  4. Ciao Fabrizio,

    A big heads-up from the Netherlands! I am using Pushetta in LabVIEW: when the program needs input from the user, Pushetta notifies the user that he/she has to take action. Works perfectly!


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