Apple WWDC 2014

Apple developer event of this year was really rich and for the first time after many months I see a revamped strategy in Apple plans.

The strategy is clear: focus on ecosystem!


Yes, a great advantage of Apple on concurrents it’s a large and consistent ecosystem. Making it more integrate can overtake other ones (Google in primis). Increasing cooperations capabilities of two main platforms can give to end user features that other (aka Android) can’t reach out.

But, letting marketing strategies to Apple, I’d like to point attention to the shift to the new language for App development: Swift.

I spent part of night reading the free eBook downloadable from itunes, and a thought flashed in my mind: is this an Apple’s try to make only one language for client Apps and backend?

Swift appears more suitable of Objective-C in a server side use, and a big problems of today App developers it’s backend. Many App developers can fluently write client software but at same time it can be really problematic for they to write backend one. So what if Apple will offer a backend solution programmable with the same language we use for writing clients Apps? How many developers will use this service? I think many, or rather MANY!

The idea it’s only speculation at this moment but there are some good reasons to let me think can be real in near future:

  1. Apple announce also CloudKit, so backend problem is clear to Apple
  2. Controlling backends of Apps can enhance security
  3. New services can be developed and offered in a straightforward way using internal Cloud
  4. Giving developer a good environment it’s the best way to keep them

It’s not only a language problem, Android is Java based and Java it’s perfectly suitable for server side development. It’s, again, ecosystem related. Backend it’s problematic because it needs system related skills, also using one of many cloud solutions. Developer needs to known about systems and all architectural decisions  are up to him.

What I imagine from Apple instead it’s an integrated solution where developer doesn’t need to care about server system. I imagine an Xcode release where You can write client software together with server one and publish App and server software will be a matter of some clicks.

I really hope these speculations will be real in a near future, work in a so integrated environment will be a big boost in developer’s productivity and I can’t wait to try it 🙂